Dispute prevention and resolution for real people, real business and real estate.

Welcome to RealMediations

Anyone who has been involved in a lawsuit, divorce or on-going dispute knows the steep toll taken in time, money and anxiety. REALMEDIATIONS offers a cooperative, non-adversarial approach to prevent disputes from occurring, and if they do occur, a proven method for reaching resolution and moving on with your life or business -- quickly, confidentially and at a reasonable cost:


REALmediations can help prevent and resolve disputes for:

Real People:

  • Pre-marital agreements
  • Co-habitation/”Living Together” agreements
  • Medical/financial/insurance issues
  • Real and personal property issues
  • Divorce/domestic partnership dissolutions
  • Parenting plans/child support
  • Neighbor conflicts

Real Business:

  • Contract disputes
  • Business formation/dissolution
  • Customer/client retention
  • In-house dispute resolution programs

Real Estate:

  • Commercial or residential real estate
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Purchase or financing disputes
  • Construction
  • Zoning/Land Use
  • Homeowner Associations

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